Thank You!

Without Your Support, I Couldn't Do This...
Personal Donations Aside from the small amount I make from affiliate programs, you guys give me a little bit of breathing room every month - thank you!
  • - Automuck
  • - Pezby
  • - Andrewben
  • - Jimmyluv
  • - rTisTik
  • - Crucible
  • - Thugalo
  • - Matthew
  • - Harnwazdor
  • - PsychWard
  • - SmartAss
Game Donations Game donations are huge and awesome on my channel! You have helped me get one step closer in finishing my challenge or just having an awesome time!
  • - Starcraft 1 - Andrew
  • - Portal 2, The Witcher - Automuck
  • - Doom 2, Half-Life - CptHonor
  • - Super Hexagon - Nihilist
  • - Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 - BotsandScience
Other Thank Yous

ArchonTheWizard: You have thrown an incredible amount of support behind my channel. I say this constantly in my stream that ONE day, I WILL repay you back - Someway, somehow. I would not be anywhere close to where I am today if it wasn't for your incredible support. Thank you - sincerely - from the bottom of my heart.

Blacknightsrc - You have put a ton of your personal time in supporting my stream in ways that most of the viewers don't know. You made the amazing posters and graphics that are littered throughout the website and my stream, the crazy newspapers when I was first starting out, and have now put a substantial amount of time into reconstructing ProBot! Thank you - I owe you a great deal - and I will repay it one day.

Donations to Charity Thank you to everyone that has donated to our charities - our current charity is through and we are raising money for Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

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Hall of Fame This is a very special group of people - everyone on this list has been a constant viewer on my stream for a very long time - some from the very very beginning. Some have gone over and above the call of duty of a viewer in order to help me be successful - everyone on this list has a special place for me, this list will most likely NOT be updated except for corrections. Thank you!

In Alphabetical Order:
  • Andrewbenw
  • ArchonTheWizard
  • Automuck1987
  • Blacknightsrc
  • Cpthonor
  • Crashbash
  • Danceschool
  • Demigod
  • Dragosprime
  • ExiledMage
  • Harnwazdor
  • H2hombre
  • Intelligentgluteusmaximus
  • Izlsnizzt
  • Jewsusxchrist
  • Kebnthefirst
  • Mark108108
  • Mmfuji
  • Nagihiko
  • Nmarinel
  • OriginalName
  • Pezby
  • Psmitty
  • Shadowblaze
  • TheCheddarMan
  • Therealpiekid
  • Unsilent_Ninja
  • xJoutei